LV electrical distribution and control switchboards

the optimised, tested and IEC compliant solution, for low voltage electrical distribution and control switchboards

A comprehensive range of enclosures and cubicles fully compatible with Schneider Electric

The company Start Engineering JSCo manufactures, assembles, supplies and performs a complete process of start-up and commissioning works for the series Okken, Prisma and Canalis of Schneider Electric.
  • A solution based on more than 30 years of experience in low voltage switchboards.
  • Integrating Schneider Electric switchgear offerings and ensuring electrical, mechanical and communication functions complete consistency.
  • Quality production, certified ISO 9001 and manufactured in Montmélian (France).

Prisma P – a comprehensive range of enclosures and cubicles

Improve the continuity of service

Ensure the safety of life and property

Control deadlines and costs

Simple, functional systems for safe, up to 630 A

Switchboards that are safe…

With Prisma G you can be sure to build 100% Schneider Electric switchboards that are safe, optimised:

  • All components (switchgear, distribution blocks, prefabricated connections, etc.) are perfectly rated and coordinated to work together;
  • All switchboard configurations, even the most demanding ones, have been tested.
    You can prove that your switchboard meets the current standards, at any time.
    You can be sure to build a reliable electrical installation and give your customers full satisfaction in terms of dependability and safety for people.


Prisma G with its discreet design, blends harmoniously into all tertiary buildings, including in entrance halls and passageways.


Available power

Safety of people and property

Controlled costs and delivery times



Upgradeable LV switchboards

…optimised and upgradeable

With Prisma G you can build just the right switchboard for your customer, sized precisely to fit costs and needs. With this complete, prefabricated and tested system, it’s easy to upgrade your installation and still maintain the performance levels.

  • The wall-mounted and floor-standing enclosures combine easily with switchboards already in service.
  • Devices can be replaced or added at any time.

Simple gestures for cabling in the workshop

All connection points are fully accessible and easy to check.

Efficient installation and connection work on site

Easy connection on site, whatever the cable cross-section or installation location.

Easy maintenance throughout the switchboard

Easy and direct access to devices, in a switchboard in service.

The switchboard, central to the electrical installation

Both the point of arrival of energy and a device for distribution  to the site applications, the LV  switchboard is the intelligence    of the system, central to the electrical   installation.

It plays an essential role in the availability of electric power, while meeting the needs of personal and property safety.

Its definition, design and installation are based on precise rules; there is no place for improvisation. The IEC 61439 standard aims to better define “low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies”, ensuring that the specified performances are reached. It specifies in particular:

  • the responsibilities of each player, distinguishing those of the original equipment manufacturer; the organisation that performed the original design and associated verification of an assembly in accordance with the standard, and of the assembly manufacturer – the organisation taking responsibility for the finished assembly;
  • the design and verification rules, constituting a benchmark for product certification.

All the component parts of the electrical switchboard are concerned by the IEC 61439 standard. Equipment produced

in accordance with the requirements of this switchboard standard ensures the safety and reliability of the installation.

A switchboard must comply with the equirements of standard IEC 61439-1 and 2 to guarantee the safety and reliability of the installation. Managers of installations, fully aware of the professional and legal liabilities weighing on their company and on themselves, demand a high level of safety for the electrical installation.

What is more, the serious economic consequences of prolonged halts in production mean that the electrical switchboard must provide excellent continuity of service, whatever the operating conditions.

The Schneider Electric solution

  • Specify switchboards that comply with standard IEC 61439-1 and 2.
  • Guarantee a level of safety that has been 100 % tested, from the day the switchboard is installed and throughout its service life.
  • Ensure a lasting investment through easy upgrading of the installation in compliance with the standard.
  • Guarantee that the switchboard complies with the technical specifications.

Prisma tested switchboards

The conformity of the switchboard has been tested and proven.

A Prisma switchboard is:

  • made up of Schneider Electric low voltage devices and components that all comply with the applicable standards;
  • based on configurations in our catalogue;
  • made up of Prisma and Linergy mechanical and electrical components that have been subjected to the verification of original equipment manufacturer;
  • mounted and wired by a panelbuilder in compliance with professional standards;
  • subjected to the individual verification.

Schneider Electric makes available to the panelbuilder everything required to create tested Prisma switchboards, including the basic configurations in the low voltage distribution catalogue, all the documentation for switchboard design and mounting, calculation and design software, etc.

Panelbuilders can demonstrate conformity with standard IEC 61439-1 and 2 by presenting the declarations or certificates of conformity for type tests carried out by independent laboratories (ASEFA, ASTA, etc.)

and supplied by Schneider Electric. The panelbuilder is responsible for the individual routine verification and delivers the corresponding declarations of conformity.