Partnership program

Get to know the partnership program between Start Engineering JSCo and Schneider Electric Bulgaria for production and assembly of Okken equipment.


What we offer:

As part of their partnership program, the teams of Start Engineering JSCo offer complete design, production, assembly, delivery and commissioning of all types of configurations with equipment of Shneider Electric from the Okken series.

1 - Guidance

Our experts can give you a suggestion on how best to implement Schneider Electric equipment for your specific needs, and we will offer you not only a safe and efficient, but also a financially competitive solution.

2 - Upgrade

The Schneider Electric series we offer are designed not only for the construction of new facilities, but also for upgrading or retrofitting existing installations. We can assess the current situation and offer you the best solution.

3 - Project management

Each stage of the project implementation is key and the efficiency of the implemented project depends on the quality of implementation. That is why we offer not only design, production and installation, but also complete management of a site, with the provision of detailed documentation, time schedule and strict monitoring of project implementation according to the latest standards in management.

Expensive innovations that save money

Our cooperation with Schneider Electric is based on the principle that we must always offer our customers the best on the market. The SE series we offer are among the leading LV solutions, but in the overall implementation of a project, the final cost of implementation and maintenance will be lower than the use of risky products of dubious quality that could interrupt your production processes. or operation.

All SE products we offer are designed for start-up and service in a working environment, without interrupting the processes. This allows extremely efficient and trouble-free maintenance and replacement of components in a working environment, 24/7, without interruption.