Canalis KTA 800 - 5000 A

Set Series - Busbar trunking systems Aluminium

Canalis - the perfect solution to your problems

Full compatibility with Schneider Electric systems

The company Start Engineering JSCo manufactures, assembles, supplies and performs a complete process of start-up and commissioning works for the series Okken, Prisma and Canalis of Schneider Electric
  • Canalis is part of a family of products offered by Schneider Electric with the idea of ​​working together.
  • It ensures the safety of people and equipment, easy installation and maintenance.
  • The products cover the needs for low voltage power distribution.
  • The result is optimization of installation activities (electrical communication, etc.) full compatibility is achieved.
  • Specialized solution with application in productions, warehouses, etc., aimed at degeneration of power distribution routes from the power transformer to all types of loads. Applicable in office buildings, retail space, laboratories, etc.

+ 70,000

More than 70,000 km of Canalis busbars are installed worldwide.

Canalis KT provides you with

…more flexibility.

…Easy disconnection with the plug and play system from the transformer and / or switchboards.

…Assistance from our specialists during all phases of the project.

Canalis installation for each distribution system

Schneider Electric offers a range of systems to meet all operational needs.

For all production per unit of production:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Text industry
  • Woodworking
  • And others

Decentralized power supply

Decentralized power allows you to:

  • Create installations before finalizing project details
  • Change in installations without stopping production
  • Quick design and execution of installations.
  • Saves money as the number of consumers increases.

For all continuous productions:

  • Cement production
  • Oil refining
  • Chemical
  • Steel production
  • Paper, etc.

Centralized power supply

Centralized power supply allows you to:

  • Business continuity
  • Combined transmission of electricity, control and communication circuits
  • Surveillance

Combined power

Combines the best of both types of installations

Commercial and office buildings

  • Offices
  • Stores
  • Hospitals
  • Showrooms, etc.

  • Airports
  • Telecommunications
  • Internet and data centers
  • Tunnels, etc.

  • Pharmacy
  • Food, etc.

Concept for a decentralized system implemented with Canalis

Power is available anywhere the bus runs

Full compatibility between Schneider Electric systems guarantees high levels of security for staff and tangible assets, continuity of production, easy and fast changes in installations.

Compatibility is facilitated by the tables available in the Design Guide.

They simplify the choice of the right combination of circuit breaker and busbars.

The characteristics of the products are certified by calculations and tests performed in laboratories and are exclusive to the Schneider Electric system.

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Easy installation

Simplicity of the concept, possibility for upgrading, security, continuity of work.

Cost savings start with installation . With junction boxes every 3 meters, the Canalis busbar reduces installation costs.

Given the low cost of adding outlets, the means of installation are significantly reduced with a large number of consumers and outlets from busbars, the system allows easy business expansion.

Invest in the future

Electrical systems for 400 A equipment.

Concept for a decentralized system implemented with Canalis

On-the-go upgrade

The ideology behind decentralized distribution systems takes into account that they are subject to constant change.

  • Acquisition, relocation or replacement of loads can be done quickly, without dismantling the busbar and stopping production.
  • The cost of these changes has been significantly reduced:
  • Load terminals are optimally long thanks to easy connection to junction boxes
  • Outboxes are available everywhere
  • Outboxes can be moved or new ones added.

Reused in case of renovations

In the event of significant changes in the routing in your installation, the existing busbars can be dismantled and reused.

Supervision costs

Canalis products are tested in production, which guarantees high quality in the work of the site – guaranteed successful completion of 72-hour samples.

Canalis - in complete harmony with the environment

Security for staff and materials activated

Canalis does not release valuable emissions in the event of a fire

Busbars emit little harmful gases in the event of a fire. In these cases, the exhaust gases do not contain halogens. The busbar prevents the transmission of fire through walls and floors.

Halogen sensitive applications:

  • Public buildings (infrastructure, hospitals, schools, etc.).
  • Buildings with difficult evacuation (tall buildings, vessels, etc.)
  • Sensitive processes (production of electrical components, etc.)

Canalis does not contain PVC

When burning PVC to emit a large volume of smoke, which can be very dangerous.

  • Reduced visibility:

& gt; risk of using panic

& gt; complication in rescue preparations

  • Toxic gases:

& gt; hydrogen chloride gas (highly toxic)

& gt; Carbon monoxide (inhalation hazard).


Consequences of fire in 100 m² office premises with cables.

200 kg of cables (20 kg for these PVCs) emit:

  • 4400 m3 smoke.
  • 5 m3 of hydrogen chloride.
  • 7 kg of corroded steel.
Canalis reduces exposure to valuable electromagnetic radiation

Apart from the WHO (World Health Organization), exposure to electromagnetic flights can be dangerous even at 0.2 micro Tesla values ​​and can be carcinogenic with prolonged exposure. Some countries have standards that set limits (eg 0.2 μT per 1 meter in Sweden).

All conductors create an electric field proportional to the distance between them. Construction of busbars

Canalis has a very tight layout that holds rails that help minimize magnetic flight

The measurement of the emitting electromagnetic flights of the Canalis busbars shows that they are far below the potentially dangerous levels.

We will news the value of the magnetic fields of our products in the page “Features” in the product catalog.

Canalis is fully recyclable

  • Canalis busbars can be reused.
  • Canalis busbars are designed with a long service life and can be easily disassembled, cleaned and reused.
  • All packaging materials are recycled.
  • All Canalis products are designed with safe recycling in mind. PVC requires specific recycling.

* 1 kg PVC creates 1 kg of waste.

& nbsp;

Canalis helps conserve natural resources

The decomposition of the raw materials used in our products (copper, polymers, etc ..) is our main priority. Therefore, we optimize the materials used for the production of our busbars.

  • Reduce the use of hazardous materials. We create our products in accordance with European directives.
  • Reducing the weight of insulation materials.
  • Reducing the plastics used to limit the risk of fire: less combustion energy, less harmful gases.

Canalis reduces transmission losses by 20%

Canalis reduces 4 times used plastic

The cost of the electrical installation includes the initial investment for the equipment and its installation, the cost of maintenance and the cost of losses during operation.

The concept of decentralized distribution provides the possibility to merge all the circuits into one, thus reducing the circuits with a small cross-section and also reducing the weight of the insulation materials.