Okken is part of the Set Series of switchboards and Motor Control Center (MCC) up to 7300A of Schneider Electric. Okken is a low voltage motor and switchgear with high reliability and configuration flexibility with a wide range of applications and the highest class of protection and control.

Fixed, disconnecting, detachable and plug-in supply lines – distribution and motor – installation of frequency regulators, cosine correction (cos φ) and filters, high packing density.

Okken switchgear provides high performance with the following features:

  • Main busbar In (A) = up to 7300
  • Main busbar Isc kA) = up to 150
  • Rated voltage (V) = 690
  • Power factor correction (kVAR) = up to 540
  • Power supply up to 6300 A
  • Motor control up to 315 kW

Okken is the most flexible and easily upgradeable switchboard on the market. You have quality and high performance of a tested switchboard, with components of Schneider Electric and manufactured and assembled by Start Engineering JSCo.

Different feeder lines (distribution / motor, fixed / disconnecting / plug-in).

Maximum possibilities for upgrading throughout the entire service life.

Compactness of the switchboard / reduced space. Optimized service and operation (common areas, ergonomics, protection of the operator and the equipment).

Optimized and compact architecture

  • Compatible with medium voltage equipment and Canalis power lines
  • Rear / front access, upper / lower connection, double front access
  • Retractable, detachable and fixed functional units

Ecoreal XL software for configuration and design of Okken systems

Okken iPMCC, TVDA’s smart and advanced solutions

  • Allows you to optimize engine performance, energy efficiency and prevent errors
  • Real-time local / remote access and automatic restart

Compliance and certification

  • Type tested according to IEC 61439-1 and -2
  • DNV, RINA and BV marine certificate
  • DEP Shell Approval

Security and safety

  • Closed removable drawers
  • Insulated live parts up to IPxxD
  • Thermal monitoring (Exertherm system)
  • Type 2 coordination

Internal arc protection

  • Complies with IEC TR 61641 edition 3, up to 100 kA / 0.5 s
  • Arc Detection (VAMP Systems)
  • Arc-free zones

Reliability in harsh conditions

  • Degrees of protection up to IP54
  • SO2 / H2S resistant versions
  • Resistant to 5G and 2.7G versions

Нефтопреработването - Okken предоставя отговори на всички изисквания.

Extraction – Drilling, oil wells, oil rigs and FPSO
Transport (pipelines) – Compressor and pumping stations, pipeline management
Natural gas terminals (LNG…)
Refining of petroleum products

Ядрена енергетика

Ядрената енергетика пазар изискващ качество и надеждност за апаратура.

Okken посреща и оправдава очакванията.

Минна индустрия

Mining: Okken can be used in a dusty environment to power mining machines.

Metallurgy: Okken supplies critical equipment such as blast furnaces and more.

Okken is resistant to high vibrations.

Воден сектор

Три подпазара. Okken отговаря на изискванията им:

Помпени станции
Пречиствателни съоръжения:
Обработка на питейни води
Пречистване на отпадни води
Обезсоляване на води
Управление на водни мрежи:
Управление от разстояние и телеметрия
Управление на инфраструктура

Хранително вкусова промишленост

Изключително взискателен пазар заради законодателните изисквания.

Okken отговаря на заложените потребности и предоставя висока степен на защита.

Представители на сектора, които могат да използват приложенията на Okken включват:

Рибен сектор
Млечна индустрия
Автоматизирани ферми за животни
и др.

Морска индустрия

Okken meets all specific market needs, meeting the requirements of relevant standards.

  • Commercial fleet:
  • Passenger
  • Bulk
  • Container trucks
  • Tankers / VLCC / LNG / Chemicals
  • Specialized vessels / Dragees / Tractors.
  • Coastal platforms: – FPSO / FSO

Комуникационни центрове

The communication sector is extremely sensitive to power continuity – this ensures data storage and interventions have to be made under voltage.

Okken ensures uninterrupted power while protecting the environment.


Many devices work in the tunnels, and they must be monitored and serviced in an unfavorable environment (moisture, dust, corrosive gases, vibrations).

Okken is the right solution.

Schneider & Start Engineering JSCo

We manufacture, assemble, supply and perform a complete NDP process for Schneider Electric’s Okken, Prisma and Canalis series.

Since 2020 Start Engineering JSCo and Schneider Electric partner in the production of Okken systems, as well as components from the Prisma and Canalis series for the region of Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. Start Engineering JSCo has its own production base, which assembles ready-made solutions for LV and MCC distribution systems. We can also offer design, delivery, installation and commissioning with a highly qualified team of electrical engineers with extensive experience in various industries.

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Many applications – one solution

If you want to learn more about the Okken Swtichboard and MCC series, you can download one of the accompanying e-documents:

Our projects

These are some of the successfully completed projects of Start Engineering JSCo with the Okken serie

Okken is the best solution in the industry, and Start Engineering JSCo the greatest partner!

Choose our teams and you will be convinced of the quality we can offer when implementing each project in the electrical part.